The Ralph B. Hodges – Robert E. Lavender Award of Judicial Excellence

In 2012, the Oklahoma Supreme Court inaugurated the Ralph B. Hodges – Robert E. Lavender Award for Judicial Excellence. They were appointed to the Court in 1965 by Governor Henry Bellmon in the wake of the Oklahoma Supreme Court scandals of the 1960’s. They restored the honor, dignity and credibility of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Justice Hodges was the youngest man ever to serve on the Court. He was the recipient of the Media and Society Award given by the H.H. Herbert School of Journalism and Mass Communications for his efforts to allow cameras and microphones into Oklahoma courtrooms and he was named Appellate Justice of the year in 1976. Justice Lavender served on the Court for forty-two years, longer than any Justice. He was recognized as a distinguished alumnus of the University of Tulsa.

Past Honorees

  • Judge Carol Hansen
  • Judge Donald Worthington
  • Judge Rita Strubahr
  • Judge Charles Johnson
  • Judge Keith Rapp
  • Justice Steven Taylor
  • Justice John Reif
  • Justice Noma Gurich

Inaugural Awardee Court of Civil Appeals Judge Carol M. Hansen
Photo by Stuart Ostler, Oklahoma Capitol Photographer