Supreme Court Courtroom

The Supreme Court, located on the second floor of the Capitol, is one of the most ornate rooms in the Capitol. Since the capitol was completed in 1917, it has served as the chamber for the court to hear proceedings and as a ceremonial space. The two-story tall ceiling contains ornamental plaster rosettes. At the top of the east and west walls are marble blocks with quotes from Justinian and Cicero. The courtroom contains a large, hand-carved mahogany bench and a mahogany bar that is original to the room. It also contains four columns made of solid Vermont marble.

In 2019, the courtroom was restored as part of the capitol restoration project. The carpet was removed, revealing a marble band on the floor adjacent to the walls. The marble band was restored, and the new carpet was installed to reveal it. The wood on the bench and bar was restored and given UV protection to prevent fading from the sunlight that penetrates the large windows in the room. The brass air grates at the front of the room were polished and replica grates were placed in the back of the room. The electrical wiring and HVAC system were upgraded. A new camera system was added to allow court proceeds to stream on the internet and a new sound system was installed. St. Louis Antique Lighting replicated the original light fixtures that hung in the room. In the former robing room adjacent to the courtroom (it is the Retiring Room on the original plans), a drop-in grid ceiling was removed and the original plaster ceiling was restored, including the plaster crown molding. The room also contained the original metal floor base, the only known example to be found in the building, which was also restored.  –Trait Thompson, State Capitol Project Manager

The Supreme Court Courtroom prior to restoration.