Jicarilla Apache Basket

The Jicarilla Apache have been renowned basket makers since the Spa,nish first explored the New World in the sixteenth century. In fact, the craft is so closely associated with the culture that the name Jicarilla is said to come from the Spanish words for “little basket.” Sumac is generally used as the base material for the basket.

Baskets like this were traditionally made for winnowing grain, as demand for Native American arts and crafts increased during the twentieth century, the Jicarilla began creating baskets specifically for sale and trade to tourists visiting their reservation in north central New Mexico.

This particular basket has a sterling silver button attached by a string in the center, indicating was originally created as an art object. The Jicarilla Apache basket was donated to the Oklahoma Judicial Center Collection by Robert Henry, former Judge for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and current President of Oklahoma City University.