Enduring Your Dark Horse

Artist: Jennifer Cocoma Hustis

Enduring Your Dark Horse evokes a Native American story about a horse and warrior going courageously into battle. If the warrior knew he was about to die from battle wounds, he would leave his blood handprint on the horse’s left shoulder as a symbol of honorably dying in battle. After performing this act, he would send the rider-less mount home to inform the tribe of his transition. In the context of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, the red handprint on the horse illustrates the mark each Chief Justice makes during her or his tenure in that administrative role.

“I produced this painting during a personal struggle,” artist Jennifer Cocoma Hustis said. “The white horse is more of a self expression of jumping through and enduring the darkness in life. Sometimes during life events or relationships it is difficult to see the light or positive side of things.”

“When we find ourselves in the darkness, I believe it is important to carry on as best you can, knowing there is a positive light at the end of the journey. Even if that journey requires letting go and transitioning to a new perspective.”

Hustis received a master of fine arts in painting with a minor in sculpture from Pratt Institute in New York. She holds a bachelor of fine arts in painting from the University of Oklahoma and also attended the Royal College of Art in London.

With a lifelong love of horses and riding, Hustis is known for her large scale depiction of horses and wildlife that capture the emotion and soul of the animal. She is also skilled in the art of horse whispering and founded Art of Horsemanship, L.L.C., a safe, holistic and creative way to approach horsemanship and art lessons for all ages. “A horse can teach you about yourself, life, and how to remain connected in the world and artwork can reflect that universal understanding,” Hustis said. She frequently shares her gifts by teaching all ages and creating hands-on art programming for museums, non-profits and community public projects.

Hustis’ drawings, paintings, prints and photography have been exhibited extensively in galleries and museums. Her work has been recognized and awarded in national and international exhibits. Her commissioned pieces are enjoyed in both private and public venues. Enduring Your Dark Horse was purchased for the Oklahoma Judicial Center collection.